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DLC Watch De-Coating and Restoration


Welcome to one of the leading DLC de-coating specialists. If you have a worn and damaged DLC coated watch, Hercules Watch Co are able to both restore the watch to the original finish or, if required, de-coat the watch and then re-coat it.


The process is very specialised and can take several months depending upon the original coating and damage to the watch. Our prices, however, are very competitive.


  1. The watch is stripped
  2. All the individual links, case parts, bracelet parts and pins de-coated
  3. Knocks, dents and damaged parts of the watch can be restored to original finish
  4. Bezels can be restored (specialists in Rolex Daytona bezel restoration)
  5. The watch case and bracelet is then reassembled


Servicing and Restoration


Hercules Watch Co have some of the finest watch technicians in the UK today. We are able to offer a complete service to almost all brands of watches by our qualified technicians.


As part of our watch service:


  1. We strip the watch movement completely
  2. All the parts are then cleaned of oil and dirt using the latest technology
  3. The movement is then reassembled, lubricated and regulated
  4. The case and bracelet is refurbished when requested
  5. The movement is then re-cased, the watch reassembled and water pressure tested (where necessary)
  6. Then final 72 hour timekeeping test


Dial restoration:


As custom watch specialists, HWC are able to offer a comprehensive dial restoration service. We are able to remove the dial and restore to as close to the original as possible. We are also able to customise the dial, the date wheel and the hands to the colour and design of your request – please see the dials on our watches.


Bracelet repairs:


Our technicians and industry partners are able to repair, restore and also supply new links/bracelets for many types of watches. Please contact us for a quote.




We are able to source new movements for many of the industries finest watches, if we find a watch is beyond repair.


Watch Customisation and DLC Coatings


If you have a watch that requires a Hercules makeover, please contact us for a quote. We are able to part customise your watch from just putting a name on the dial or case back to full customisation.


Our specialities are complete restorations and two colour DLC creations – the finest in the industry.


Engraving and Hand engraving


We have a passion for creating the unique. Our engravers are able to both engrave by hand and also we use the latest technology to create exceptionally detailed machine engraved images. The processes are complicated and time consuming, averaging about 4 months for a unique time piece. But it is worth the wait. Bring us your thoughts and designs and let us make your dreams come true.

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