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History of heritage

At Hercules Watch Co we aspire to make something legendary that would stand out not only in its unique form and design but also in its exceptional quality and durability. Our passion for quality timepieces lead us to push the industries standards.


HWC believe that the endurance of a watch should be coupled with aesthetic beauty.


DLC Collection


We create beautiful full DLC custom watches as good as any in the industry. Our DLC coatings (8 times the hardness of steel) are perfectly matched to your individual tastes.


Prestige Collection


Our DLC and steel, Yellow Gold and Everose Gold Rolexes are unique and exclusive. The quality is unrivalled.




Our hand engraved watches are all one off pieces. Everyone individually designed and pain painstakingly created over several months.

Hercules Watch Co


Who we are

HWC have brought together some of the finest visionaries in the watch industry. As a team we are able to create timepieces that we hope will define the wearer as extraordinary. The durability and reliability of our watches is second to none and yet every single timepiece we create is totally unique.


Lets make a piece of history together – a legacy for younger generations to admire and aspire to.
  1. GMT Master 11 Batman. Model No: 116710BLNR

    Hercules Watch Co – our first foray into the art of bespoke customisation – the Rolex GMT Master II “Bruiser”
    A fitting start to our “Punching” authority in designing and creating DLC hardened watches.

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  2. Rolex Explorer 1 DLC Model No: 214270

    An iconic Rolex – the Explorer 1 214270
    A watch tested for extreme resistance and yet simple elegance.
    The ideal watch for understated beauty and simplicity with a subtle touch of the red “Hercules”

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  3. Rolex Daytona DLC Model No: 116520 Black

    The Rolex Daytona – possibly one of the most sought after watches in the word today.
    A challenge for us to create a unique time piece in black with a bespoke “Paul Newman” dial.

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  4. Rolex Submariner Non Date Model No: 114060

    The legendary Rolex Submariner simple, elegant, functional and hard as steel – now harder than steel due to the Hercules DLC coating.

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  5. Omega Seamaster Phantom Ref: 21230412001003

    The flagship of the Omega collection and the close rival to the Rolex Submariner. A one of one, created by Hercules Watches as a tribute
    to the iconic that is “James Bond”

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  6. Submariner Steel and Gold Model No: 116613LN

    From concept to reality. HWC, the first bespoke customisation company to create a truly individual DLC and yellow gold watch.
    An elegant black and gold combination of the case and bracelet coupled with a matching date wheel makes our Submariner truly unique.

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  7. GMT Bi col Model No: 116713LN Negro Black

    A watch created for pilots, now worn by travellers worldwide.
    The HWC DLC and gold GMT stands out with the red writing and matching date wheel, complimented by the 2nd time zone hand. A watch that will turn heads, worldwide.

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  8. Yachtmaster Bi col Model No 116622

    Having created two DLC and gold watches, our turn to see what a DLC ans steel looks like.
    The Yachtmaster platinum bezel, with Rolex’s stunning blue dial. Another fist from HWC

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  9. Datejust Bi col Model No: 116201

    Welcome to the first DLC and rose gold Rolex Datejust.
    A beautiful and elegant watch designed for those who desire a little mystery with understated power.
    A bespoke “roulette wheel” date wheel, alternating between red and black for the tables at Monaco.

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